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Stock cupboard challenge 8

During a lovely few days with friends in Cornwall I am proud to say that I cook a meal entirely from my stock cupboard except for the dried apricots. Not proud that I had all this stuff in my cupboard,… Continue Reading →

Stock cupboard challenge 7

On day 9 of my challenge I am out for the evening learning about and drinking Sauvelle vodka at the Rev  J W Simpson’s and no cooking happens. The next day I am in bed by eight – again I… Continue Reading →

Stock cupboard challenge 6

Today is spent mainly at the home of my friend Alison who is hosting me, Douglas and Rob. Together we make up the writing group we call DARK after our initials. These meetings are often very intellectual as the other… Continue Reading →

Stock cupboard challenge 5

Today I make one of my standards. I cut fresh pork belly into chunks and fry it in vegetable oil with sliced onions. Caraway seeds and bay leaves are added from my spice drawer. (I love my spice drawer, which… Continue Reading →

Our great NHS

Saturday is spent at my parents’ place, cooking for them, undertaking admin duties and recording my father s memories of his childhood in Wales and the time before he joined the RAF in WWII. Dad recently had his ninety fifth… Continue Reading →

Stock cupboard challenge 4

Overnight, having gained Liz’s permission to buy strong flour, I set my breadmaker going to make a 70% wholemeal 30% white flour loaf. I can’t find the recipe book that goes with the breadmaker but luckily Manualslib has been good… Continue Reading →

Stock Cupboard Challenge 3

Tuesday September 12 I have done some internet research on what I might be able to do with the jar of white asparagus in brine. The most popular recipe seems to be 1) open the jar 2) drain the asparagus… Continue Reading →

Stock cupboard challenge 2

Monday September 11 Having left the house at 0630 to take a train to Cardiff, I make it home again at shortly after five. In a rainstorm. I do some more unpacking of my kitchen stuff and then it’s seven… Continue Reading →

Stock cupboard challenge 1

I have a new kitchen. It’s huge. My friend Liz comes round to help me fill the cupboards and shelves from the boxes and crates I had stored downstairs. We make progress but we realise that however huge my kitchen… Continue Reading →

Terry’s work for human education

Have you come across this great guy Jackson Galaxy, with his videos designed to help dopey humans understand the behaviour of the cats they host? See this for example. I see that Terry has been contributing to the educational effort,… Continue Reading →

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