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Terry’s work for human education

Have you come across this great guy Jackson Galaxy, with his videos designed to help dopey humans understand the behaviour of the cats they host? See this for example. I see that Terry has been contributing to the educational effort,… Continue Reading →

Cats and Cocktails!

My “gin sisters” and I, in Ely for the weekend, came across the market stall of the Ely Gin Company. Here is the result, a pleasantly refreshing combination of pink grapefruit gin, lime juice, sugar syrup and Waitrose elderflower refresher…. Continue Reading →

At last I know who to blame!

Everything is clearer now. The other day I was on the Sainsbury’s site and there, so I thought, was my boy Tony advertising pet insurance.  Some time ago, it must be said.  Before he reached his current petite but splendid… Continue Reading →

More film work: for Indeed, the job site

Quite horrified to see the Indeed advert just now.  I have to accept that even if Terry is keeping all the cash, he does suffer for his art. No wonder he’s been a bit clingy recently.  I thought it was… Continue Reading →

Sandra gave Terry and Tony a book on yoga for Christmas…

…but it turns out they were involved in its production. Tweet

Liz found this online jigsaw…

… and discovered more of Terry’s early work for XIMAD inc.       Tweet

My friend Margaret…

…whose cat Crunchie is my boys’ Mum and looks like she’s in on the running away project… …found this pose of Terry’s on ThePoke.co.uk.  Bit of a giveaway! Tweet

Thank you to my friend Douglas Board…

… for finding this example of Terry’s work for Blake Snyder‘s book on writing screenplays. You can find out more about Douglas at his coaching website Maslow’s Attic or through Lightning Books’ webpage for his excellent first novel, MBA. Tweet

Can’t go anywhere!

Wherever I go I find my cats have already been there. On holiday in Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia I find that Tony has been out here already, posing for the dry cat food they sell in the KAM discount supermarket…. Continue Reading →

Tony’s early work

Taken by surprise today (1/08/15) to find  pic of Tony confronting me in the cat food aisle of my local Tesco. If he’s had this much work he should be able to pay for his food himself! Tweet

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