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Terry poses for Sainsbury’s

Terry and Tony’s running away fund was further enhanced by the big photo shoot Terry did for Sainsbury’s a while back.  Exhausted from his labours, he was not aware of my sneakily taking a photo of the evidence. Tweet

Tony’s work for Money Supermarket

Now, as you’ve seen, Terry gets most of the fee-paying work, but as you’ll also have seen from the Cravendale advert, Tony’s the more intelligent actor, and can do the big parts. Actually it’s my theory that Tony handles the… Continue Reading →

Actors now!

Not content with appearing in stills, they’ve both taken part in this Cravendale ad:   Tweet

I downloaded the wonderful Wunderlist…

…an excellent cross-device task-management app (and that’s saying something coming from me!). But on going to customise the wallpaper, what should I find but another shot of Terry.  He thought he could escape my notice posing for a company based… Continue Reading →

Terry’s work for Go-Cat

I defy him to prove it’s not him in these photos!  It’s his favourite brand too Tweet

Terry and Tony’s running away fund

I play host to two beautiful cats, Terry and Tony. Tony is elegant, and knows it.  Look at him posing in my desk chair, knowing how elegant he is. His brother, Terry, on the other hand, is a little less elegant…. Continue Reading →

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