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Our great NHS

Saturday is spent at my parents’ place, cooking for them, undertaking admin duties and recording my father s memories of his childhood in Wales and the time before he joined the RAF in WWII. Dad recently had his ninety fifth… Continue Reading →

How the UK could stay in the EU

I am finally moved to post something that’s not a trivial piece of nonsense. Someone sent me this presentation about how, while respecting the Brexit vote, the UK could still stay in the EU. Lots of constitutional stuff in here…. Continue Reading →

More film work: for Indeed, the job site

Quite horrified to see the Indeed advert just now.  I have to accept that even if Terry is keeping all the cash, he does suffer for his art. No wonder he’s been a bit clingy recently.  I thought it was… Continue Reading →

New Year Cocktails

Cuban-themed new year celebration at Liz’s saw me making daquiris.  Banana and strawberry went down well.  The cucumber one got mixed reviews, but it looked pretty and qualified as one of our five-a-day. Tweet

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