Welcome to my personal site.  Here you will find my photos and blogs.

What I post here is mainly  just the snaps that you will see in the header each time you log in, and a silly blog based on the idea that my cats are saving up to run away by posing for advertisements and packaging.

That blog idea turns out to have some legs, as you will see if you start from the bottom and work up.  My cats can be found in adverts and marketing materials all over the UK and across the world.  Now my friends, like a benign version of the Stasi, are finding more and more examples for me to add to the catalogue of my cats’ sneaky and deceitful behaviour. I never see a penny from their work, so am more than ever convinced that they are stashing it away somewhere, with the intention of  disappearing one day without a by-your-leave nor one word of thanks for my hospitality these last five years.

My brother Chris, a proper proponent of  British comedy, saw this site a while back and said: “this is useful; you don’t see a lot of cats on the internet” so I feel I am providing a service to the community, not at all wasting your bandwidth with frivolous nonsense.

(If you want to find more serious stuff you can go to my business site ValuesinPractice.com.)


Kathy Jones - 01