Monday September 11

Having left the house at 0630 to take a train to Cardiff, I make it home again at shortly after five. In a rainstorm. I do some more unpacking of my kitchen stuff and then it’s seven and I realise that I’m hungry. I have no bread and I can’t remember if Liz said it’s OK for me to buy bread (or maybe I should be using the long-idle breadmaker).

Oxtail soup from a can

I give up a short struggle to be inventive and I open a can of oxtail soup, which I eat with some LIDL black pepper oatcakes. Actually quite nice on a cool day in September when you’re tired. But I know that I if I go on like this I will use up the easy meals I have in my stash.

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll do something with the asparagus.



LIDL Black Pepper oatcakes