Stock Cupboard Challenge 3

Tuesday September 12

I have done some internet research on what I might be able to do with the jar of white asparagus in brine.

White asparagus in brine

The most popular recipe seems to be

1) open the jar
2) drain the asparagus
3) throw the asparagus in the food recycling bin

Undaunted, I buy onions, celery and leeks in order to make Jamie Oliver’s Asparagus Soup with a poached egg on toast. I follow the recipe fairly closely, although I cook it for less time after the addition of the asparagus, which in Jamie’s recipe is fresh. The white asparagus from the jar is pretty squidgy and doesn’t look like it will need half an hour.

Asparagus soup

The result is palatable but rather bland, even with the addition of some wasabi paste from my stash. Also I’ve never learned to poach eggs in water and I haven’t replaced my trusty egg poaching pan which is not suitable for my wonderful new induction hob. So I chicken out of the egg, so to speak. And I forgot to buy ciabatta for the lovely thin toast. But the remaining LIDL pepper oatcakes are an OK substitute.

Not the most successful thing I’ve ever cooked. I think when I re-heat it for tomorrow’s supper I might add fresh mint and frozen peas!

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