Stock cupboard challenge 7

On day 9 of my challenge I am out for the evening learning about and drinking Sauvelle vodka at the Rev  J W Simpson’s and no cooking happens.

The next day I am in bed by eight – again I don’t cook.

On Thursday I fly to Glasgow and back for a meeting. Once again I do no cooking.


On Day 12, Friday, I thaw some of the feijeoada that I froze some time ago in anticipation of eventually having a microwave. It’s the first time I’ve owned one and the first time I’ve used this one. It is nice and intuitive to use. I am pleased.

On day 13 I leave it too late to cook properly for the evening, but start a slow cooker recipe I found through Actually I start by cooking dried chickpeas in the slow cooker, which takes a good long time itself. The recipe suggests that you can play with it and I do just that, using celery and leeks and a butternut squash to begin with. I think I’ll see how these work together with the onions and potato before deciding whether to add white cabbage tomorrow along with the elderly coconut milk that I have in dried form.

Spaghetti Vongole

Then it’s late and I’m really hungry so I cook that recipe with capers and tomatoes. Very nice indeed.








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