Terry’s work for human education

Have you come across this great guy Jackson Galaxy, with his videos designed to help dopey humans understand the behaviour of the cats they host?

See this for example.

I see that Terry has been contributing to the educational effort, at great personal risk, playing the exploding cat in this video:

Terry's educational workTerry working up to explodeOh my oh my!!!

What a man!  (My Terry I mean, although that Jackson guy gets my vote too!)



At last I know who to blame!

Everything is clearer now. The other day I was on the Sainsbury’s site and there, so I thought, was my boy Tony advertising pet insurance.  Some time ago, it must be said.  Before he reached his current petite but splendid maturity.  Then I looked again and I realised: that’s not Tony! That’s his Mum, Crunchie!
IMG_0113 (2)

You’ve seen Crunchie before on this blog, sitting in Margaret’s suitcase. We thought she was just joking, taunting us.  Why on earth would she have any real plans to depart her luxurious Greenwich home?

But now I’m really getting worried.  Crunchie started the whole thing off. She taught her sons, my Terry and Tony, how to sneak out and earn cash for their running away fund.

Perhaps they plan to run away together, the generations reunited!

More film work: for Indeed, the job site

Quite horrified to see the Indeed advert just now.  I have to accept that even if Terry is keeping all the cash, he does suffer for his art. No wonder he’s been a bit clingy recently.  I thought it was the cold weather and the fact that I’m away a lot for work and parental support reasons. But the fact is he must be traumatised! I must say that this version of the ad’s left me shaken!

Sandra gave Terry and Tony a book on yoga for Christmas…

…but it turns out they were involved in its production.

Someone else posed for the front cover
Someone else posed for the front cover
Terry in Cheeto pose
Terry in Cheeto pose
Terry in Bolillo pose
Terry in Bolillo pose
The real Terry in training at home
The real Terry in training at home

Liz found this online jigsaw…

… and discovered more of Terry’s early work for XIMAD inc.

Terry pretending to be musical for Magic Puzzles
Terry pretending to be musical for Magic Puzzles




My friend Margaret…

…whose cat Crunchie is my boys’ Mum and looks like she’s in on the running away project…

Crunchie welcoming Margaret home... or packing to leave?
Crunchie welcoming Margaret home… or packing to leave?

…found this pose of Terry’s on ThePoke.co.uk.  Bit of a giveaway!

Terry making himself look ridiculous for the sake of the running away fund.
Terry making himself look ridiculous for the sake of the running away fund.

Thank you to my friend Douglas Board…

… for finding this example of Terry’s work for Blake Snyder‘s book on writing screenplays.


You can find out more about Douglas at his coaching website Maslow’s Attic or through Lightning Books’ webpage for his excellent first novel, MBA.

Terry poses for Sainsbury’s

Terry and Tony’s running away fund was further enhanced by the big photo shoot Terry did for Sainsbury’s a while back.  Exhausted from his labours, he was not aware of my sneakily taking a photo of the evidence.

Terry exhausted after his Sainsbury's photo shoot

Actors now!

Not content with appearing in stills, they’ve both taken part in this Cravendale ad:


I downloaded the wonderful Wunderlist…

…an excellent cross-device task-management app (and that’s saying something coming from me!).

But on going to customise the wallpaper, what should I find but another shot of Terry.  He thought he could escape my notice posing for a company based out of Germany.  But oh no! I’m onto him.

Terry's pose for Wunderlist
Terry’s pose for Wunderlist