Hello and welcome to my personal site.

Here you will find photos, blogs and personal stuff that I want to put here rather than on FaceBook or on any other sites.

For example there is a series of blogs based on the theory that my beloved cats, Tony and Terry, were posing for advertising and marketing materials in order to earn the money to escape my clutches.  Sadly T&T now rest in peace. I shan’t be adding to that thread.

There is also a set of blogs about cooking from the stock cupboard, which in my case (I’m a hoarder) isn’t hard. It was fun only to cook from what was already in my house, and you may like a couple of the recipes there.

Now in April 2021 I’m adding a page and subpages about spending six weeks caring for my 98-year-old father in the house where I grew up: watching spring turn into summer in a place that is as familiar to me as the back of my hand, but like new country, so long it is since I have spent such a stretch of time here at this time of year.


Kathy Jones - 01