Six Weeks in Warfield

My 98-year-old father lives in an NHS bed in the sitting room of his long-time family home in Warfield, Berkshire.

This page and its baby pages is about my stay with him between April 10th and May 22nd, 2021.

And possibly about a lot more. Let’s see.

Just to say that I’m posting it here rather than on Facebook because I want this as a permanent record for me and my brothers, one of whom is not on FB. I also want to be able to curate it my own way. It isn’t a diary, even though each sub-page describes events in one week of my stay.

I won’t be posting any close-up pictures of Dad as he is now during these six weeks. He doesn’t any longer have capacity to tell me his views on that, but I know that he would not be happy with the idea. His life has little dignity in it, even though we are doing our best to keep him safe, clean, warm and well-fed. Here are some pictures of him in earlier and kinder times, well before I and my brothers were born. As you can see, he was a stunner from the start!

And I just love the picture below, which includes his pilot Vernon Barry (middle) and his navigator Don Aylard (left). Today we are used to seeing every person, especially young people, posing and pouting with full consciousness of how the picture will portray them. Of course! They can see the results straightaway.

In about 1944, when this picture was taken, nobody had that consciousness. (Note for v young people: we used to use film in cameras, and we had to send the film off for processing, before we knew what the photos looked like. I hope that’s useful background for you!)  Nonetheless Dad (right) looks like he knows how gorgeous he is and how he looks in this picture. I love the film-star way he is holding his cigarette!

Read on to learn more about my six weeks in Warfield: