Stock cupboard challenge 1

Gin and my kitchen

I have a new kitchen.

It’s huge.

My friend Liz comes round to help me fill the cupboards and shelves from the boxes and crates I had stored downstairs.

We make progress but we realise that however huge my kitchen is, it’s not huge enough for my ridiculously large supply of gadgets and cooking ingredients. Even after we’ve chucked out the huge amount of it that is way past its use-by date.

Yes, I am a hoarder. An impulse buyer and a hoarder. Not a good combination.

Liz proposes a challenge:

“How about you try to cook entirely from your stash until it gets used up? You can’t buy anything except fresh veg, meat and fish.”

Various cooking sauces from around the world
More stuff
Jars of stuff


3 jars of capers

“What? All three jars of capers?”


We negotiate a bit. She rules that I am allowed to buy canned tomatoes once the three I have in stock are used up. This may be useful because my only standard recipe involving capers also involves canned tomatoes. But I think I may nonetheless need to widen my caper repertoire!

I am also allowed to buy wine. This may be crucial!





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