Stock cupboard challenge 4

Overnight, having gained Liz’s permission to buy strong flour, I set my breadmaker going to make a 70% wholemeal 30% white flour loaf. I can’t find the recipe book that goes with the breadmaker but luckily Manualslib has been good enough to put it online. All goes well, although the result at 0600 this morning was, shall we say, dense. The most likely culprit for this is the ancient yeast that I used, although it will take some experimentation with different quantities and different recipes before I feel ready to give up on it.

On the way home from work I find that my local Tesco has no frozen peas in stock. What?! I have to buy fresh, which are pricier, but at least obey Liz’s rule (she didn’t say I could buy frozen veg). I also buy fresh mint because that in our little garden is towards its end for this year. 70p for a half handful of mint seems pretty high, but I justify it to myself because I seem already to be saving money in my stash challenge.

One benefit of adding peas and mint to yesterday’s soup is that it is now green. The other is that it tastes quite nice. Not excellent. But quite nice.

The bread is dense, but it tastes lovely! Good enough not to need butter.

Next day I re-heat the soup again but this time without blitzing it. I find that the whole peas pop pleasantly in the mouth and the mint has entered the soul of the soup. Finally happy with it, I still suspect it would have been just as nice if no white asparagus had been involved.

Asparagus soup, but now with mint and peas


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